Warranty & Return Policy
Ink System: 'Ink system' means all the parts that have connect with inks. Fitting of spare parts requires special knowledge, skills and tools! Defects on such spare parts after fitting are mostly due to defective installation or to the influence of other defective components. We will not accept warranty for the ink system if being used. Once the part is filled with inks, we would not provide warranty. 

Printheads: We do not accept warranty on printheads this is due to the amount of problems which could cause a head to fail. We highly recommend getting a trained and qualified individual to install the head. All our printheads are new and original with rank number installed correctly they would function fine. 

If the printhead has been filled with ink there is no warranty for replacement or refund.

Returned items are regarded as invalid under the following conditions: 
1) No claim is made up to 2 working days after the customer has received the products.
2) The item is returned because of different color or packing which has no effect to the product' using function.
3) The returned item does not match with the original conditions
4) If the printhead has been filled with ink there is no warranty for replacement or refund

Return procedure

It is the customer's responsibility to check if they received the correct items. 
For any problems, customers should contact our sales representative within 2 working days upon receipt, providing the purchase date and delivery details. 
Customers need to ship the items back within 7 working days once return agreed and pay the shipping cost.
We would resend correct, new or repaired items at our cost.