Epson DX5 Solvent Print Head

Epson DX5 Solvent Print Head

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The Epson DX5 solvent printhead is uncoded (white board) and fits most DX5 based Chinese printers.

The Epson DX5 solvent printhead is used by various Chinese solvent printers. This DX5 printhead allows fast speed, high resolution printing with eco-solvent or mild solvent inks. The Epson DX5 original printhead is delivered in a sealed Epson package.

This DX5 printhead model is compatible with all DX5 based Chinese printers and doesn't require any decoder. This is the original Epson DX5 printhead, it is not modified nor coded. 

This printhead should not be used on Mutoh Valuejet or Mimaki JV33 / JV5 printers as it has different voltages and therefore offers a different image quality. PPHMUVJ1204 and PPHMIJV5006 should be used on Mutoh and Mimaki printers.

Printer Compatibility:

Galaxy A1801S
Galaxy A1802S
Galaxy BY-1801B
Galaxy UD-1612LC
Galaxy UD-1612W
Galaxy UD-161LC
Galaxy UD-161W

Galaxy UD-1812LC

Galaxy UD-181LA
Galaxy UD-181LB
Galaxy UD-181LC
Galaxy UD-2112LA
Galaxy UD-2112LC
Galaxy UD-211LA

Galaxy UD-211LC
Galaxy UD-2512LA
Galaxy UD-2512LC
Galaxy UD-251LA
Galaxy UD-251LC

WER ES1802

WER ES2502

WER ES3202


Wit-Color Ultra 9000

Wit-Color Ultra 9100

Xunfei ME1300
Xunfei ME1600

Xunfei ME900

Xunfei VE1800

Xunfei VE2600

PrismaJet GE 1802 DS
PrismaJet GE 1802 DSII

PrismaJet GE 1802 S

PrismaJet GE 1802 SII