Warranty Guide

Warranty Guide

All print heads we sell are brand new and original straight from the manufacturer with head rank numbers attached. As a seller of print heads we highly recommend you use a certified technician to install the print head as they can also give your printer a health check while there at the same time. As a business we offer you three different options to choose from when you’re picking your print head see below.

No warranty -  You accept the print head comes with no warranty at all, it is brand new and original installed correctly you will encounter no issues at installation.

Installation warranty when using our own engineers – With our years of experience selling printer parts we have worked alongside some of the most reputable engineers across the UK. If you choose this option an engineer best suited to your location will be recommended who will complete the install. If the head fails on install we work with our engineer to get you a replacement within 2-3 days.

Using your own engineer to install the print head – If you already know of an engineer to install the print head you can select this option. Once you have provided us with their details then this will cover you for installation warranty as we know the print head would have been installed by someone skilled.

We only cover installation warranty as no one can tell you a time frame of the print head life. The life of the print head comes down to maintenance, ink and usage.

For more information please email johnathan@fh-union.co.uk