VJ-1604 Print Head Assy - DF-49684

VJ-1604 Print Head Assy - DF-49684

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All print heads must be installed by an engineer recommended by ourselves or who are known to us. If no engineer is used either recommended or known to us this will automatically void the installation warranty.

This VJ-1604 printhead is suitable for Mutoh ValueJet printer series printers. This original Mutoh printhead is solvent based and has a 24 digit head ID.

The VJ-1604 printhead has a native resolution of 1440dpi, 8 nozzle lines (corresponding with 8 independent ink channels) and 180 nozzles per line.

The VJ-1604 printhead is either used in 4-colours (2 channels per colour) and has a minimum, variable droplet size of 1.5 pico litre (max. droplet size is 21 pico litre). The typical firing frequency for this print head is 8 kHz.

Printer Compatibility:

Mutoh RJ-900C (Drafstation)
Mutoh RJ-900X (Drafstation)
Mutoh RJ-901C (Drafstation Pro)
Mutoh RJ-901M (Drafstation Pro)

Mutoh RJ-901X (Drafstation Pro)
Mutoh Valuejet 1204
Mutoh Valuejet 1304
Mutoh Valuejet 1304W


Mutoh Valuejet 1604
Mutoh Valuejet 1604W
Mutoh Valuejet 1608 
Mutoh Valuejet 1614